JAG is a Fort Worth based clothing and jewelry company founded in 2014. Ann Jefferies & Renea Conser design each piece of JAG clothing with meticulous care to detail and fabric while producing each piece in the USA. JAG strives to provide women with timeless, easy to wear, sophisticated clothing that out last trends so to enjoy for years to come.

All jewelry is sourced or custom created from gold-filled, 14 & 18 carat gold to ensure tarnish-free, timelessly pieces. Jewelry pricing is set below industry standard to give our customer the best in both value and design. Additionally, JAG can make your favorite pieces into “permanent” jewelry with a little welding and love. 

JAG is proud to support Justin's Place, Arise Africa and the Net. JAG joyfully gives 10% of our proceeds to support these worthy not for profits in FW TX.